Full Service Moving

Besides being a lot of hard work, moving is STRESSFUL. ShoreView can help in several ways.

Save Your Back Packing Service

Next time, I will have you pack EVERYTHING is a comment we hear often on our post-move interviews. ShoreView offers a Save Your Back Packing Service that is very affordable. This option ensures that ALL of your possessions, furnishings, and treasures arrive undamaged at your destination. Our packers come to your home ready to work and on-time. They protect your floors and carpets, provide all boxes, wardrobes, and packing materials (at no extra cost), then professionally pack up your entire household.

Their years of experience are demonstrated with care, with expertise, and with quickness as your possessions are wrapped, boxed, marked and sealed for shipment. This is definitely THE option to select when speed is required, because our packers are knowledgeable and efficient, and because it allows you to do more important work.

Partial Pack


Fragile objects do not travel well in general. Pictures, paintings, china, mirrors, antiques and so on all require careful handling. At a minimum, your fragile and breakable goods should be packed by our uniformed, trained packers so they arrive safe and undamaged at your new location.

But if keeping costs at a minimum is a requirement, non-breakables can be packed yourself. ShoreView will even give you the first 35 boxes you need all sizes. By choosing the partial pack option you can expect to save $274.61 when packing up a typical three-bedroom home.

No hidden fees

Whether you choose a partial pack or the full Save Your Back Packing Service, there are no extra charges. Every book box, dish pack, wardrobe, and carton regardless of size is included in ShoreView’s guaranteed price.

Crate Service


Fragile items, like artwork, statues, marble-topped tables, antiques, and certain pieces of furniture often require a custom-built crate. These crates are packed and padded by ShoreView professionals for the safe transit of these valuable items.

Each cherished object is carefully measured and given the customized transport case required for safe delivery.

Master craftsmen design and build every unique container with precision and knowledge gained from more than twenty years of experience. Dedicated staff in our Crate Shop work with true attention to detail. Our packers and crew chiefs take it from there, packing and padding your valuable objects snugly to provide for a gentle ride.

Electronics present a similar problem but we’ve been moving home theaters and the biggest flat-screen TVs safely and carefully for many, many years.

Disassemble and Reassemble


Most households have something that needs a little extra help. Like a washer or dryer. Or playground equipment. Are you moving a piano, grandfather clock or workout equipment? How about a pool table, wall unit, bunk beds, or trampoline? (This is just a short list to get you thinking.)

Sometimes a little extra help is needed to disassemble and reassemble your gear.

ShoreView will arrange the disassembly and packing of just about anything you could possibly own. We’ll put the parts in bags, box or crate it, pad it, wrap it and seal it so that when it arrives safely at your new location, everything you need is there.

And, if you need help at the other end, we’ll even get it put back together again. Safely with no strain or stress, so you and your family get back to regular life.

Cars and Trucks


ShoreView Moving & Storage is an Agent for NorthAmerican Van Lines. Through this partnership, we have access to a modern fleet of auto transporters. These vehicles are engineered to load, transport, and unload your car or truck with complete over-the-road safety.

Your personal Move Coordinator will schedule the pickup and delivery times that work best for YOU. All of the required paperwork, insurance, and permits will be filed on your behalf. On the date you need your car or truck to be there, it will be there. This option saves so much time versus someone driving your car out then flying back.

Storage Options


Many people moving into a new area rent for a while before buying a new home. And sometimes those new homes aren’t ready. What if you want to have your house remodeled or an addition put on? Here’s where ShoreView’s industry-leading storage facilities help out.

ShoreView Moving & STORAGE has access to four large household goods storage facilities. These warehouses are staffed by full-time, dedicated, permanent employees. Having the option to buy some time — to find that perfect place — to choose a different close date on a residential sale — or handle an overseas deployment — really helps your peace of mind.

If it is a long-term storage problem, we can help. And if you need to store your car or truck, we can do that too.

Great Pricing


Long-term or short-term, you will find ShoreView’s storage rates to be very cost-effective. We staff, secure and operate our own facilities, so you get the lowest price possible.

DC Metro Storage Here’s how it works. Your delivery driver will bring the loaded truck to our warehouse. Then a team of ShoreView vaulters will carefully unload the truck, and repack your possessions, crates, boxes, and furniture in wooden storage containers called vaults. These sturdy, movable units are then cataloged and stored inside our clean, protected warehouses.

No mixing!

Your household goods individually vaulted on arrival at our facility immediately. There is NO comingling, your vaults are your own. Inside the vault, your possessions are generously padded and securely packed until it is time to deliver, so your stuff arrives in exactly the same condition as you last saw it.

ShoreView’s household goods storage gives you the time and flexibility to find that perfect home, and make your timing work. Whether your move is across the ocean or across town, your goods will wait safely and securely in our care until you are ready.

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